11 paź 2016

white pleated skirt

Shirt, skirt - Zara %
heels - H&M %
bag - charity shop

So pleated skirts are definitely having their moment in fashion now and I couldn't be happier about that! They go with literally everything and are perfect for work. It's one of my favourite A/W trends together with velvet and tulle. That particular one I'm wearing might not be perfect for rainy and muddy autumn season here in London, but I'm trying my best to make it work! After all, I don't believe that you should only wear dark colours during fall and winter - they're depressing enough!

I hope I'm back for longer this time but we'll see! For now - let me know how you like the post and if you love pleated skirts as much as I do!

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Dziękuję bardzo za każdy komentarz ! :) Jednak bardzo proszę o nie umieszczanie w komentarzach zdań takich jak : "obserwujemy?" i tym podobne. Na każdy komentarz staram się odpowiedzieć i jeśli blog mi się podoba, obserwuję :)